Collectie: Hydration formula

Listen here - HYDRATION is major key! It’s science! It’s pretty much one of the main cornerstones of life! And because it’s so important, we decided to create a BRAND-NEW, GROUND-BREAKING, STATE-OF-THE-ART HYDRATION FORMULA…More specifically…G FUEL HYDRATION!!! It’s Electrolyte-Fortified! It’s Vitamin-Fortified! It’s Caffeine-Free! It even has a Focus-Amino! And the best part? This formula will replenish your body’s essential minerals that are lost when you perform physical activities – AKA – When you sweat! Think of this Hydration Formula as the new, go-to-thirst-quenching-solution in your life! And as if all of this news wasn’t exciting enough, we’ll be introducing G FUEL HYDRATION to you in 4, mouth-watering, never-before-seen flavors!!! What a time to be alive!!!

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